Saturday, August 16, 2008


I'm finally getting around to teaching myself Corel Painter, which is something I've been meaning to do for a while now. In the next couple days, I should have something to show from it. We'll see how it goes, I don't think I'm that great at painting, but it's still fun to learn!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

On the Internet

Track and Failed was put up on the Animation World Network Website! Check it out:

It's a website that's dedicated to showing animation, so hopefully more people will be able to see it this way.

Monday, August 11, 2008




Friday, August 8, 2008

Fujio Akatsuka

I was wandering around youTube today and I came across the following video:

I wanted to watch it because I remember seeing Tamori on television a lot in Japan, and I always enjoyed listening to him. I never had any idea what he was saying, but he seemed pretty funny. So, I started watching this video, which is him giving a memorial address for the recently deceased Manga artist Fujio Akatsuka. After watching this only once, I only understood around half of what he was saying, but the more I listened the more I wanted to know about Fujio Akatsuka. He was apparently the pioneer of comic manga in Japan during the late 50's and 60's, but until now I have never heard of him.

Anyways, the three works he is best knows for would be Tensai Bakabon, Osomatsu-kun, and Himitsu no Akko-chan, all of which I have also not heard of. I wonder if there is a way I can somehow get these books because I would very much like to read them. And finding Japanese books here in Minnesota is almost impossible, but I guess I will search around online. I also want to read through Tamori-san's speech and understand it more, so lets try and do that.

Thursday, August 7, 2008


Seriously, what is going on with technology???

...and where are we heading with these androids? I mean every year we see something new coming out with them, something new and even more realistic that they are able to do. I think I would like to meet one some day.

But as of now, they are still creepy.

Also, it towards the end of the commercial that "This woman is an android" on the bottom, but isn't the definition of an android someone who is made up of both human and robot parts? In other words, a half human, half robot thing? wouldn't it be more accurate to say "this woman is a robot" instead?

Or maybe...she is actually half human. Uh oh.


So, the Olympics start tomorrow. Opening Ceremonies on NBC at 6:30pm central standard time. I'm excited. I'll be watching with a bowl of popcorn and a bottle of root beer. It's the first time I've ever been excited about the Olympics before.

Can't think of much else to say then that. Hm...I think blogs are generally better when you can post something no one's really seen before...

Here we go! This movie looks terrible, but I would still like to see it:

I guess it was filmed in 2006 but never released (which is a bad sign). BUT it looks like it might be released soon, straight to DVD (this is another bad sign). Who else is excited??

Saturday, August 2, 2008

1st draft

This is the first run through of the script for the next animation we're working on. It's not very good, so I'm embarrassed posting it, but here it is anyways. If you have any comments or suggestions that would be great. Just like with Track and Failed, the part I'm least confident with is the ending. I just can't decide on a good way to end things. If anyone wants to help with this project, help me re-write parts or even the whole thing!

Anyways, here's the first of possibly many drafts. Lets try to make it much better:

Also I just noticed that the main character's name changes to "Billy" at least one time. Would it be funny if his name kept changing? Jimmy, Billy, Timmy...?

The Rules of Dodge ball

Title Card: “The Rules of Dodge ball” And in sub-captions “(lolTownhouse6) Informational Films”
Really cheesy old orchestra music is playing. It fades out.

Fade into a gym. A small boy stands in the dead center of the frame. He’s a middle schooler, slightly heavy-set, the kind of kid you can tell at a glance is no stranger to wedgies and swirlys. He’s staring at the camera. He clearly has little idea what is going on.

Narrator: This is Jimmy. Jimmy is about to play a game. Isn’t that right, Jimmy?

Jimmy nods his head. He looks like he’s getting a little more excited.

Narrator: But not just any game. This game is played with nothing more than a ball.

Cut to a shot of a red rubber ball.

Narrator: That’s right, a big red rubber ball. You see, Jimmy is going to play the classic school yard game, dodgeball. Isn’t that right Jimmy?

Cut back to Jimmy. He nods more enthusiastically.

Narrator: Are you ready, Jimmy?

Jimmy takes a ready to take on the world pose.

Narrator: Good. Well then, lets all learn the game of dodgeball.

Camera fades to black and then fades back into a long shot of the whole gym. Groups of students can be seen playing gym games.

Narrator: Dodgeball is generally played in a gym. This allows proper traction with your shoes, as well as a fair, even playing field for everyone to do their best. But, like any sport, dodgeball cannot be played with only one person. You need a team, with five players on each.

Cut back to Jimmy, who is still staring at the camera, smiling.

Narrator: Are you ready to meet your opponents, Jimmy?

Jimmy enthusiastically nods his head. He’s ready to go.

Cut to a group of 5 guys. It’s not clear as to why these guys are here playing dodgeball and not on a football field killing people, as they are each massive and are apparently sadists to boot.

Narrator: Ah, here we are. Our neighboring Wright County Dodgeball Team, the Tigers. They look ready to go. Are you ready, Billy?

One if the bigger guys in the center makes the familiar gesture of punching the palm of his hand and grins.

Cute back to Jimmy who’s face has become a little more doubting. He’s staring at the 5 behemoths and then stares back into the camera, he suddenly looks pretty hesitant.

Narrator: Haha, no need to look so scared, Billy. Your team is right over here.

Camera turns and points to a nearby door. However there is no one there and the door is swinging open and closed and there is a slight woosh of debris flaying around, as though whoever was just at the door just took of running in a blink of the eye. Camera turns back to Jimmy, much slower this time.

Narrator: Well, um…perhaps we’ll learn more going this alone. Do your best, Jimmy!

Jimmy looks as though he’s about to cry. He glances back at his opponents. The big leader guy holds a dodgeball in one hand, points at Jimmy with the other. He punches the ball in his hand, bursting it and lets it drop to the ground. His team laughs. Cut back to Jimmy, who is now apparently desperately looking at the cameraman for help. Fade to black.

Fade back into a long shot of the gym. 5 tough players on one side, Jimmy on the other. There is a line of 6 balls evenly spaced on the center line.

Narrator: The field is divided into two halves. 6 balls are placed down the center line. When the whistle is blown, players are free to claim their balls.

The whistle is blown. In the blink of an eye, five of the balls disappear. Jimmy hobbles and hobs over and picks up the 6th. He looks at it, glances at his opponents and then hobbles back to a safer position in his part of the court.

Narrator: Now then, Jimmy, lets play dodgeball! The object of the game is to eliminate all of the opposing players by getting them out. There are two ways to do this. The first, is through the ball and hit one of your opponents. Give it a shot, Jimmy.

Jimmy looks at his ball and at the 5 in front of him. He gives the ball a half hearted toss towards of the big guys on the left. He steps to the right, effectively dodging the ball. Jimmy looks empathetically back at the camera.

Narrator: The second way is—

Before he can finish, a ball comes zooming from off screen, hits jimmy, and continues to exit the other side of the frame, along with Jimmy. The camera frantically finds Jimmy, who has been launched into the wall, clutching the ball loosely in his hands. He appears to be hanging onto life by a thread.

Narrator: Very good, Jimmy! The second way to get your opponent out is to catch a ball they throw at you!

The guy who threw the ball gets really angry and punches a hole in the wall. He storms off to where the out people go.

Narrator: And not only that, but when you catch a ball, you also get to call one of your own teammates back into the game! Well, at least you would, but you don’t seem to have any other teammates right now. Well at least you’ve got a ball now!

Jimmy falls out of the crater in the wall and onto his face and he starts to get up. The 5 giants see this as an opportunity and they all throw their remaining balls. They zoom towards him and Jimmy, rather panicked, holds the ball he is holding up to his face. The five balls all hit that ball causing Jimmy to fly backwards again; he’s once again on the ground.

Narrator: Very good, Jimmy! Looks like you already knew that you can use your own ball to block oncoming balls. This is not against the rules. Furthermore, now you have all the balls!

Jimmy looks around at all 6 balls he has laying around him now. He clearly has no idea what to do next.

Narrator: But be careful Jimmy, if you don’t throw a ball within 5 seconds, you will have violated the rules.

Jimmy panics again and quickly starts grabbing balls and tossing them over the line. They all barely go over the center line and the four big guys are laughing a lot.

Narrator: Oh no, Jimmy! Now you’ve lost all your balls again.

Jimmy glares at the camera.

The four goliaths are now clutching all the balls in their hands and look ready to go. They begin throwing. Jimmy at this point is frantically dodging and jumping around all around the gym, and he successfully manages to dodge all six balls, although he does not appear to be enjoying himself.

Narrator: Dodgeball is fun, isn’t it Jimmy?

Jimmy glares at the camera again.

The four big guys are all pointing and laughing at Jimmy. Jimmy looks like he’s had enough of this and stands up. He grabs two of the balls near his feet, picks them up and forms a plan.

Over on the opponents side, they continue to point and laugh. One of the balls is loosely thrown near the big guy on the right. He points at it and roars with laughter. As he’s busy doing this, another ball comes much quicker and hits him square in the chest. He, along with his 3 teammates, are frozen with shock. Three balls come from off-screen and respectively hits the three. The game is over, Jimmy has one.

Cut back to Jimmy who is standing there, proud of what he just did. He gets looks at the camera as the narrator begins talking.

Narrator: Very good, Jimmy! Looks like you’ve done a good job learning the fine game of—

Jimmy picks up his last remaining ball and throws it at the camera. The camera falls back and lands on the ground. You can still see Jimmy as he walks out of the gym.

Credits roll, much in the cheesy way they end in real public service announcements.